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The Goddess

her love for men

The secret symbols of the Goddess

Ankh = 'The Life'
The Egypt Hieroglyph Ankh is composed of both, the female symbol and the male symbol.

According to a preIslamic Tradition Muslim worship barefooted a special object on the eastern corner of the Kaaba in Mecca. Their destination is 'to kiss' and/or 'to touch' it.

They are seeking refuge. Refuge from misery, refuge from death, refuge from greed of the heart. One prerequisite to this is washing the hands, washing the mouth inside, washing the nose inside, washing the face, washing the forearms and washing the feet.

Man wearing only two white opaque clothes: One hip-cloth on the abdomen and one shoulder-cloth. Perfume is not allowed. (Woman wear usual Islam dress, which covers the body. The face must be free). The shoulder cloth is prepared under the right shoulder in a wise, that the right shoulder is free but the left shoulder covered







After that they do drink from "Zamzam".

In the Kaaba in Mecca the symbols of the Mother Goddess of the preIsllamic Arabians are preserved.The Kaaba is also called 'Bayt ul Haram'. 'The honorable house'. - Ka'bah - Cybele - Kubaba - Kumbaba - Humbaba - The Kaaba with its symbols was long before Muhammad protected by the Koreshits: 'The child's of Kore'. From this tribe also Muhammad's family is descend. Muhammad has distorted all 360 preIslamic symbols of the Kaaba. The northern gate of the Mosque is named the 'Gate to Paradise' ( Bab ej-Jinah )The same symbol that is worshiped in the Kaaba in Mecca is also still worshiped as holy in India.




In many Indian temples it is worshiped including the Lingam in the Yoni as a symbol.

These symbols are also preserved in Islam


Pilgrims of Mecca visit also Mina to throw pebbles to a pillar.

Pilgrims in Mina


Pilgrims in Mina near Mecca



Symbols of Islam


Pilgrims ready to touch


Parvati and Shiva with the symbol of Lingam and Yoni in the foreground.Also shown the water which comes out of the head of Shiva, which has been preserved in the Hebrew Genesis 2.


The symbol 'Vesica Pisces' was worshiped by Christ's in their beginning.It was this symbol, that has become the fish symbol of Christianity.

The symbol 'Vesica Pisces' was worshiped by Christ's in their beginning.

It was this symbol, that has become the fish symbol of Christianity.

Vesica Piscis

Vesica Piscis


was shown with a fish symbol

The temple of the roman Goddess Cybele - The Mother Goddess - was placed in Rom.
She wears a fish on her head. On that place where once was placed her

temple is now possessed by the Vatican

and man
decorate their heads with her symbol.

The holy unit of God and Goddess from the Jewish

Kabbalah ...

is an origin Vedic symbol, shown here with the word 'Om' in the center.


"I am the Sign of the Letter"

Omega = Om-mega = 'The Big Om'
Lilith with her symbol

"The (Egypt) Gate to Paradise"



OM The holy sign from the Vedas

and its development (Sanskrit at center).


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miza said...

Brothers- The pillar you are seeing here is nothing but a Satan pillar, they will throw stone on it. Full of wrong information.

Brian said...

For your information, the Saudis are constantly rebuilding Makkah, and rebuilt the whole Ka'aba in 1996. The pillars with the circular surrounds did symbolize the devil, pilgrims did throw stones at them, but today they do NOT exist, the Saudis have replaced them with either one or three stone walls.

Historyscoper said...

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